AdWords Management | Google Partner PPC Agency

Do you need more high-quality traffic to your site? Google Ads and our PPC management services can do this. When your potential customers go to the search engine and wrote the related keywords with your business. They can see your Ads on the search result page. Basically, this is.

decocre ppc agency london
decocre ppc agency london

AdWords Management | Google Partner PPC Agency

Do you need more high-quality traffic to your site? Google Ads and our PPC management services can do this. When your potential customers go to the search engine and wrote the related keywords with your business. They can see your Ads on the search result page. Basically, this is.

For a long term success, you can choose a digital marketing agency  to manage your Google Adwords accounts. Also, if you working with Google Partner agency, then you have their proven results from other projects. It means you can access big know-how from the agency about Paid Search Ads directly.

What if your ads are working right now? We will do PPC account review with you and optimize your campaigns based on your marketing goals. Whether your ad campaign has already been set up or starting at zero, we can help you to get more results.

ppc management london

We know what does it mean competition for online advertising.

We understand your concerns and expectations. And we can safely say that when you work with us, we will always deal with your project as the first day. It is our top priority to make sure that the return on investment of your ads is always positive.

We will compete it together like a real solution partner and share our success with the results we will achieve. As Decocre Digital, we only work with long-term strategies and in this way, we ensure the continuity of positive ROI of our clients.

Part of Our Case Studies

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All your need about Pay Per Click Advertising come together at Decocre Digital.

  • Easy communication and Being Accessible.
  • PPC specialist account manager for you.
  • ROI focused strategy and planning from our proven results.
  • Setting actual goals and achieving step by step.
  • Goal-based Keyword Research.
  • Target-based Online Market Research.
  • Detailed Competitor Research.
  • Strategic PPC budget planning.
  • Purpose based AdWords campaigns creation.
  • Laser-target Audiences.
  • Strategic Remarketing Audiences.
  • Thematic Ad groups.
  • Competitive Ad copies.
  • Google Analytics goal setup.
  • Google Tag Manager setup.
  • Google Data Studio setup and creating dashboards based on your business.
  • Google Optimize setup and designing Landing Pages and A/B tests.
  • All conversion tracking (Calls, Leads, Forms, Clicks, Chats, Downloads, Events, etc.)
  • Regular Reports.
  • We will work on smart campaigns powered by Google AI and Machine Learning.
  • Test + Find Winners + Repeat = Optimizations.
  • Results, Results, Results.

Generally expectations from Google Ads Agency

  • B2B High-quality International Lead Generation.
  • B2C High-quality Local Lead Generation.
  • Increase Brand Awareness.
  • More Sales and increase brand awareness of your E-commerce.
  • Competitive market entry strategies for SaaS Startups.

So, what are you looking for? We can set Free one on one discovery meeting for your project. Click Here.

PPC Conversion Rate Optimisations

  • Set the more benefit able keyword match types
  • Professional bid optimizations
  • Regularly adding negative keywords
  • A/B tests for images and ad copies
  • Quality score improvements
  • Call-Tracking from PPC
  • Traffic quality improvements
  • ROI focused Conversion trackings
  • Google Analytics improvements
  • Location targeting improvements
  • Day timing improvements
  • Using the right ad extensions
  • Retargeting tactics
  • Watching of competitors
  • Targeting of display campaigns
  • Feed optimizations
  • Campaign separation for needed
  • Persona identifying and audience segmentation

Pricing, Cost, Fee, Investment, Budget, Revenue.

We have a clear model for calculating pricing in our agency based services for PPC advertising. Before we start working, we will inform you clearly how much we are planning to spend on advertising budget in Google Ads (This part will be pay directly to Google, our agency don’t touch your PPC investment) and what is the agency service fee will be.

Our PPC management agency pricing models:

  1. Hourly Rate. Pay-as-you-go: In this model, you have live PPC campaigns on Google Ads and they are working now. But you need some little but critic optimizations. So, you can choose to pay for our hours and we can optimize your campaigns and target to increase your Return on Investment. Our PPC consulting services can help you to grow your business when you want.
  2. Flat Rate. The same budget and the same agency fee every month: Fit for small businesses. You find a good budget for your PPC and you want to continue with this. So, we determine a flat rate on your PPC advertising budget and you can now easily what you will pay for our PPC management services to next month.
  3. Percentage. Win-Win Game:First of all, we determine a percentage from your total PPC ad budget what we manage in a calendar month. And send you an invoice about our PPC agency fee.In the percentage rate model, we focus to grow your business and increase PPC performance month by month. Because when your business grows and invest more on your PPC, our agency will grow together with you.Percentage rate model is fit for scaling cycle businesses. If we see scalability and can work closely with you about marketing strategy. We can get strong results and easily we can write our new success story together.For numbers, you can contact us. We do not launch here, because about not our prices are expensive, about our prices changes based on your project.

So, now you looking find your new PPC agency to all from other Adwords agencies. We plan your next and last solution partner about Google Ads and then all Digital marketing agency services.

For the first meeting, just click the button below and we can easily set up an online meeting. We are very excited to meet you and hear your project. And we look forward to this spectacular growth journey!

Happy Clients

Before I met you, I didn’t realize there was a huge lack of online advertising for our restaurant business. What is our missing from competitors in our restaurant, which I have owned for more than 5 years, what is that we go back as turnover every year? I was trying to determine that. I started to think about the shortcomings in the business before. I was thinking if our food was bad, our cocktails were bad, or if our service or menu was bad. Until I met the Decocre team. They amazing hard worker ppc agency and they taught us that the 5-year shortfall of our business is just to advertise at online in the right way and that people now take online advertising too seriously. I wasn’t very aware of what was going to happen at the beginning. Honestly, I didn’t expect results to be so fast in the first few weeks. The only thing missing was that people don’t see us enough. Thanks to the brand awareness strategy that we have done together with Decocre digital marketing team, In just three months, we started to reach our goals at a very high speed. Like a running racer… Let me briefly tell you about the last 3 months, the New Year’s Day booking record, the Valentine’s day booking record, the ever-increasing number of happy customers, and the happy faces of everyone who works in our business, including me.

Özcan Şahin

Owner, Plus Restaurant

We started working with them for my menswear store and e-commerce in November 2017 and continue. We are getting services from them for all of our digital marketing works. The team is very helpful, and they create a strong growth strategy for us. We reached more than 200K followers on our 10&AY menswear Instagram account together with them. And our sales are increasing day by day. So many thanks to the Decocre team.

Onur Altınarık

CEO & Founder, 10&AY

Let's Work Together!

Digital marketing is a long-term communication adventure and we are with you in this adventure.

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