What is remarketing ads and
how to use best practices?

Remarketing shows your ads again on different websites, mobile apps, or social media channels to people who have visited your website or mobile app previously. At our digital marketing strategy, remarketing is aimed for users to remember your brand, company, or your campaign message and take action directed by your ads. This conversion may be a lead form filling for a service-based business, or it could be a purchase for an e-commerce site.

Remarketing aims to win users who have seen your product or service ad for the first time but did not perform conversions. Remarketing is the best way to remind users and highlight benefits.

remarketing ads

Fast look to Re-marketing Campaigns


  • Increases awareness and trust in your brand.
  • Reminds your potential customers repeatedly about your products or services.
  • It helps users in conversion funnel move to the stages of thinking and decision-making.
  • A unique way to increase all conversion rates on your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Omni-channel marketing.


  • For example, you have an e-commerce site, and most users who view your products naturally don’t purchase on their first visit. With remarketing ads, you can show the same product they’ve previously viewed on your website over and over again on different websites, youtube or on social media so that the user reconsiders and completes the purchase.
  • Also, maybe some users completed a purchase on your website first time and you wanna get upsell or cross-sell to them, via remarketing you can figure it easily. Maybe they don’t and you can give a special discount coupon and retarget them with a Facebook ad for the next 30 days and you can win them.
  • Or, you have a service-based job, and you want users to perform a form-filling process on your website. Some of the first users who visit your site fill out forms, but a large part of them also want more signals to decide. These signals can be social evidence about the benefit of your services, visuals of happy customers, or a brief introduction to your previous seminar videos. After seeing these, the potential customer can be persuaded to rethink and work with you on your services.


  • Optimize ad copies for 3 purposes such as brand awareness, product thinking and affecting decision making.
  • To confront the potential customer over the right time frame. Frequency is a very important metric for remarketing.
  • Provide social evidence with as different ad copies as possible which can show the value of your products or services.
  • You can bring your SEO traffic back to your site over and over again via remarketing.
  • You can use it to redirect visitors who read your blog to service pages.

Analysis and Optimisation

How to optimise the remarketing campaigns?

  • To find and improve those with the highest conversion rates by analyzing the results of different channels.
  • To perform A/B tests regularly in ad texts and media.
  • To test different landing pages for different retargeted audiences.

What is a remarketing audience and how to create it?

In remarketing our target audience, our website/mobile app is users who have visited before. Remarketing audiences are created as a list based by adding remarketing tags to our website or mobile app and used in related campaigns.

We may also use your past customer data and CRM records for remarketing.
For example, user email addresses that have been obtained from historical data in your company’s CRM can be targeted for remarketing.

When you choose to work with us for your remarketing ads, our experts add the necessary tags to your site using Google Tag Manager and verify that it works through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tools. This will complete the installation required for your remarketing campaigns.

Ideas to create a custom remarketing lists

  1. Basically, all website visitors to increase brand awareness.
  2. For best performance, service or product page based remarketing lists.
  3. For the purpose, remarketing lists.
  4. Get move deep into the funnel.
  5. Remarketing lists to create brand loyalty.

Remarketing Campaigns on Display Ads

The best practice for remarketing ads is the display network. Display ads can reach more users on very different channels and have a huge role to play to influence their decisions.

Display ads impression costs are pretty cheap compared to search ads. This allows you to get a lot more ad impressions and clicks at the same cost.

With responsive ad creation tools, we can easily create different variations of your ad copy that are compatible with all websites.

We may use different variations for your ads. These are text-only, texts and image or video ads, the best practice is to use them all together if possible.

For example, a user can see your remarketing ad while watching a video on a Youtube channel about a service you offer, and remember your brand again as it has previously visited on your site. And can contact you again by visiting your website.


Available Placements

  • Google Ads Display Network (Websites, blogs, youtube.com, Gmail, mobile apps, mobile games and etc.)
  • Facebook Audience Network (Websites, blogs, mobile apps, mobile games and etc.)
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Also, we can use our remarketing lists on google search for our paid search ads. Using your remarketing lists in search ads is a very strategic method and we do so a lot, especially for the service sector.

Retargeting your user at the same topic on the search network over and over again in different search terms builds confidence for your company.


Available Placements

  • Google Ads Search Network
  • Bing Ads Search Network
Remarketing Ads on Social Media

Remarketing Ads on Social Media

All remarketing lists can also be used with paid social media ads. But for each social media, the correct tag placement on your website must be pre-made and verified.

Video ads, in particular, are very effective on social media and can easily encourage users to visit your website again. With social media remarketing, you can show your brand in a field where users already trust.


Available Placements

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Creating ads for remarketing campaigns

Ad texts should be clear and short and have strong suggestions that will recapture interest. This makes it easier for users. Show clearly to users, benefits of your service, social proof images or videos then build your awareness and trust.


  • Focus a good introduction. Then show benefits and social proofs.
  • Create more different dimension versions on ads.
  • Don’t be afraid of colours.
  • Make sure the message is clear.

Landing pages for remarketing

At remarketing, it is not a good practice to channel users directly to the home page or contact page of your site. We need to separate our remarketing lists with the right segmentation. And we need to focus on increasing our conversion rate by creating them special landing pages.

These pages should have the same voice tone as the relevant segment and start with the part they are really interested in and retell the service correctly. You can immediately ask our PPC management experts about how this segmentation can be done for people of different age groups, parenting, and people of different income levels.

Call to actions for remarketing

Different CTAs refer to different groups of users. Some users click on the “Shop now” link, while some users click on the “Get more information” button and complete the conversion. In this case, we need to test different CTAs for different landing pages and continue with the CTA, which increases the conversion rate the most.


Empathy, think about yourself, no matter how good products or services when you see any ads on the Internet for the first time, what is the rate of going to their websites immediately and completing a purchase? It’s definitely low.

Because nobody wants to makes that. See an ad like this right away and expects it to do whatever it wants. However, it becomes easier for visitors who see your ads over and over again with different versions and understand your message thoroughly. Because now they know your brand and have confidence or motivation for transformation.

There are a lot of metrics and options for each market that users can compare, and at this point, remarketing ads are the most effective way to influence decisions and make them think about our own brand.

Our PPC management agency services include remarketing advertising campaigns. You can contact us to get information from an expert on remarketing advertising campaigns and start working immediately.

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