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Your startup solves an important problem and generates value. With this value, your company is competing with products or services that are old but have brand awareness in the current market. Correct messages that highlight the benefits for your digital marketing campaigns, directing the target audience in all areas of the marketing funnel, special offers, special CTA, machine learning and marketing artificial intelligence are very important to your online success.

Digital marketing will be an inseparable part of your business and we focus on using your investments in the most efficient way. We work to increase your brand awareness and ensure that your target audience in the market demands your products.

We know which KPIs might be more important to you. If you have a mobile application, Retention time is very important to you. Or if you offer a SaaS solution, we focus more on efforts to increase the lifetime value of customers.

Based on your service or product, we focus on growing your business and increasing your return on investment with pay per click ads. Let’s continue looking at the details now.

startup ppc

How to PPC advertising help to grow your startup?

1. A detailed market and competitor analysis.

When you decide to work with us, we first start by trying to understand your company and services. Next, we analyze your competitors and the market. We identify your brand’s strengths and the benefits we want to feature. Target audiences and keyword research are defined at this point.

2. Setting up a digital marketing strategy and campaign goals.

We create a starting strategy and prepare the first campaigns. We focus on showing the message and the offer right way and putting the benefit forward. We make sure that the ads are prepared in accordance with all the areas that will be published.

We run A / B tests continuously, follow results and implement regular optimizations in campaigns.

3. Google Analytics.

With Google Analytics, we track your site’s traffic sources, users’ behaviour on your site, and micro conversions.

We use your visitors’ demographic information and other important metrics to optimize your PPC advertising campaigns.

4. Paid Search Campaigns.

When running Google Ads (Google Adwords) search ads, it is very important to target the right keywords to direct quality traffic to the website. In addition, ad groups should be very well separated. If you use it incorrectly, you will compete with your own keywords and pay a higher cost per click to the same word.

We use the single keyword ad group strategy to avoid such situations and achieve the full performance of keywords. Thus, we implement a complete optimization on search engine ad queries.

We use Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) for users who have previously visited your site to see your ads again in search results when they search for related keywords again.

We focus on quality score and guide your team to make the necessary optimizations in landing pages.

5. Display ads to build brand awareness.

We need to push them about our services when clients are browsing the web. If a user is our target audience, we must make sure that he sees our ads all over the internet. It is a very effective method to remind with advertisements while users who are interested in your product are making a comparison between your competitors and your products.

With Display ads, we can publish your ads on other websites, Youtube, Gmail and all social media. A successful targeting can increase the display ads results visibly.

6. A/B tests for ad banners and ad copies.

We regularly monitor the results in all ad campaigns. Those with high performance will continue and improve. We kill low performing ads and test new ideas instead.

7. Who is the winner at PPC ads campaigns?

We optimize all PPC campaigns regularly for their own purposes and KPIs. We are reviewing the correlations between advertising campaigns that support each other. We support the advertising campaigns that achieve the most purpose and provide transformation with new campaigns to help them.

8. Conversion tracking.

The value of each conversion metric in our conversion funnel is different. We follow valuable micro-conversions on your site. However, we only use important conversions suitable for our advertising campaign purposes in our campaign optimizations.

9. Remarketing campaigns.

With remarketing ads, we re-target users who visit your site. And we ensure that your potential customers come back to your site and perform important conversions.

We prepare different remarketing strategies for different websites and mobile applications, and we make connections between advertising campaigns.

10. Building customer loyalty.

We also work for customer loyalty in some of our digital marketing campaigns. Customer loyalty is a particular issue that needs to be worked on to increase the awareness of your brand and increase the lifetime value of your brand so that your existing customers are aware of new services and offers.

11. Watching of competitors.

In the competitor analysis, we regularly follow your previously determined competitors. And we use our analysis for optimization and updates in our campaigns. It is very important to monitor competitors to update our audience targeting and keyword choices regularly.

12. Bid management via Google AI.

Each time Pay per click campaigns are shown, it competes in real-time with other competitors who are currently advertising. In this competition, we use Google artificial intelligence-supported bid management to both use the budget efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.

13. Smart campaigns supported by Google Machine Learning.

Smart ads are the types of advertising campaign which controlled by Google machine learning for all ad launching, competition and bidding optimizations. These ad campaigns focus on maximizing the number of conversions.

14. Reports and Realtime Dashboards.

Reports are definitely a big part of our business. However, it is not sufficient alone today. Our team can use the following tools, depending on the status of the project, to deliver the results.

  • Google Ads Reports
  • Google Data Studio
  • Special Realtime Dashboards


As the Decocre Digital team, we talked about what we can do in digital marketing for startups, and information about our services has been shared. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency for your startup, you can contact us immediately.

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