Pay Per Click is a big part of every digital marketing strategy. Because with strong PPC campaigns you can start or take big power on your current market. You can improve your market share, important KPI’s or Brand Awareness. Decocre digital is a Google Partner PPC Agency.


Pay Per Click is a big part of every digital marketing strategy. Because with strong PPC campaigns you can start or take big power on your current market. You can improve your market share, important KPI’s or Brand Awareness. Decocre digital is a Google Partner PPC Agency.

In paid advertising, we are looking for only performance-based. All need to our team set clear goals and competitive ad budgets.
Our most important KPI is your ROI (Return On Investment).

When people go to a search engine and they write relevant searched terms to your business, they can see your text ads in search results. And according to Google research results, %87 of users are interested only in the first page of search results. So, we can say our ads must be shown on the first page is very important to start the engagement with our relevant target audiences. Pay-per-click marketing, unlike SEO or content marketing, allows your ads to appear on the first page and in high positions quickly and accurately when users search for keywords that are relevant to you. You can do this within your advertising budget. It is only levied as payments like the cost per click. Basically, when your ads are clicked, you will spend on PPC ads.

What is Our PPC Services?

Paid Search

Search engine advertising is the classic and most effective method to get into the market. With a clear strategy, we can get easily to high-quality lead generation results. We create solid Google AdWords campaigns for competitive and high-end conversions.
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CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Your ad campaigns are running and you get some conversions. And the results may not meet your expectations or stay below your target. Sometimes you need more than keyword analysis and accurate ad text. Let’s do an in-depth review for you.

Paid Social

With social media ads, you can reach your target audience effectively. By advertising only to specific demographic groups, we can ensure that people who are likely to be interested in your product or service are able to turn to leads or sales.
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International PPC Management & Localisation Services

Start Local, Think Global. Step by step, we’ve moved forward in reaching our goals. During our digital marketing journey, we may sometimes need to start service in new countries that need to make localization for services and ad campaigns. We can make localization for your ad campaigns.


Search ads are so many effective and it’s easily managed to bring our potential client to our website. What about when a visitor comes to your website for the first time? We need to target it over and over again and pull it back onto our website with unique offers.
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Multilingual PPC

We create and manage advertising campaigns for your online marketing operations in countries that speak different languages. We are with you in your PPC advertising activities with our team who can say “Hello” in different languages.
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Local Services PPC

Are you only serving people in certain cities and in certain areas? We are with you through our performance-based PPC campaigns, which include detailed targeting and keyword analysis. With our fully optimized ad groups strategy. Let’s work together now to make you different from your competitors.
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Display Ads

Google Display Network is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear. To achieve your Conversion goals, you can choose to view ad campaigns to specific websites (cnn.com such as) or certain mobile applications (such as financial applications or mobile games) or you can position them in a youtube video. Target the right audience and the right time.
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Start-Up PPC

Whether you are a SaaS or a mobile application start-up, we are aware of your needs and business objectives. For startups, cost-effective strategies and achieving the right audience is very important. We are with you in your digital marketing processes.
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Mobile Application PPC

The mobile applications have great popularity in the years we are in. And the marketing dynamics are different from classic business. We are with you with our pay per install advertising strategies, which are based on increasing your in-app retention time and help increase installations.

Google Shopping Ads

It is a type of advertisement that provides detailed information about the products you sell. When people research products on google, Google Shopping Ads can give to results them with an image, price, product title, and seller name.
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Programmatic Ads

The new trend of digital marketing technologies is the programmatic ads, which provide the opportunity to show them specific ads by analyzing user behavior and classifying them accordingly. So you can deliver your mass segmentation to machine learning and get more conversions.
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Ecommerce PPC

We have an inclusive service for e-commerce ads such as Google Shopping, Facebook & Instagram Shopping. We correctly manage traffic to your website and identify the personas of our target audience. We optimize your product data feed and categorize it so that it is displayed correctly in all ad areas. We plan to maximize sales by creating detailed and competitive campaigns.

PPC Reviews and Audits

We can give detailed Google Ads account reviews and PPC audits for your company. Our PPC strategy is big research and the right execution.
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Ongoing PPC Optimisations

  • Set the more benefit able keyword match types
  • Professional bid optimizations
  • Regularly adding negative keywords
  • A/B tests for images and ad copies
  • Quality score improvements
  • Call-Tracking from PPC
  • Traffic quality improvements
  • ROI focused Conversion trackings
  • Google Analytics improvements
  • Location targeting improvements
  • Day timing improvements
  • Using the right ad extensions
  • Retargeting tactics
  • Watching of competitors
  • Targeting of display campaigns
  • Feed optimizations
  • Campaign separation for needed
  • Persona identifying and audience segmentation

Why choose Decocre as your Google Ads management company?

Choosing an experienced PPC agency is crucial to digital marketing. We listen to you and create marketing strategies based on the situation of your business. By reviewing reports we receive with Google Analytics. We make improvements and optimizations in your Google Ads campaign. In this whole process, we move along with you an let you see the results of your campaign in a transparent way with reports. We plan monthly online performance meetings with a dedicated Google Adwords specialist and make your success permanent.

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Our PPC Management Approach

In every project, we are trying to understand your business and your strategies for the current market and advertising objectives that you have done with priority. Not only the first month, but we are also working closely with your company every month. Accessibility, transparency, being effective and honesty are the most important principles of our company.

  1. We will always communicate with you about your project.
  2. Create a solid structure and planning.
  3. We create only effective and Long-Term plans.
  4. Setting actual goals and achieving step by step.
  5. Identify your competitors and follow them regularly.
  6. Creating purpose-built ad campaigns.
  7. Tracking results and optimizations.


Our PPC Workflow






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Benefits of Decocre Digital Marketing Services

Decocre is a Google Partner PPC Agency, our PPC company aims to enable our clients to reach their digital marketing goals effectively in all pay per click services. PPC marketing is also very important to manage long-term projects and we think that regular growth can only be achieved in this way.

Therefore, before we start the project, we perform detailed interviews with our clients and fully understand their expectations and goals. We continue to build our campaigns with great rigour and stay in constant communication with our clients. In this way, we can explain how we continue to work with all our clients for months and years.


  • Drive more quality traffic and sale
  • Better performance
  • Unique customer service
  • No long-term contract

PPC Case Studies

Case: Men’s Wear Company
Type: eCommerce
Purpose: Increase Sales and Brand Awareness
Results: CPA -71% | Conversion Rate 345% | Current ROI: 860%

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Case: Legal Company
Type: Global Services
Purpose: International Lead Generation
Results: CPA -45% |
Leads 210% |
Conversion Rate 135%

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Case: Event Organization Company
Type: Local Business
Purpose: Local Lead Generation
Results: Conversion Rate 450%

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Case: Wedding Planner & Organization Company
Type: Local Business
Purpose: Local Lead Generation
Results: CPA -38% | Conversion Rate 350%

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We started working with them for my menswear store and e-commerce in November 2017 and continue. We are getting services from them for all of our digital marketing works. The team is very helpful, and they create a strong growth strategy for us. We reached more than 200K followers on our 10&AY menswear Instagram account together with them. And our sales are increasing day by day. So many thanks to the Decocre team.

Onur Altınarık

CEO & Founder, 10&AY

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Why do you need to work with PPC Agency?

By working with a PPC agency to manage your ad account, you also gain access to the proven results from the agency’s previous experience. Thus, you can reach your marketing goals faster, easier and successful with proven methods.

Who will you work with from Decocre?

Of course, you will work with a special PPC expert. Our company has fully certified PPC experts. Our team, which regularly develops strategies and campaigns, works with you with great energy to maximize your success and reach your goals.

Do you need any long-term contracts?

No, we earn your business every month.

Can I access my ad account?

Yes, you will have to full-access on your account.

What type of ad spends do you work with?

Usually the range between $500 – $150,000+/month.

What is your management fee?

Flat or Percentage which is ok for your project. No extras or surprises.

When can we start?

Now, just send an enquiry form or write the live chat and we will give to answer fastly.

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