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PPC Reviews and Audits London
As Decocre Digital, we know that having a positive return on investment is the most important factor in digital marketing campaigns. All of our PPC managers aim to have a positive return on your advertising investments while optimizing campaigns and developing new strategies and to continuously increase this positive coefficient if possible. Now let’s talk about what we’ve done since our first meeting.

In all our optimization processes, we aim to reach the goals we set at the beginning of your project and to achieve the highest efficiency from the advertising expenditure you make on Pay per click digital marketing.

We regularly audit all accounts that we offer PPC management service. We are highly specialized in conversion rate optimization. In these optimizations, it is our only goal to avoid wasting your budget by adding negative keywords, to increase your investment return by discovering new potential keywords, to optimize your campaign in the most efficient way for your potential customers with detailed target audience usage applications and more.

PPC Reviews

At your first meeting with one of our PPC specialists, your PPC accounts will be examined in detail. While reviewing these PPC campaigns, our aim is to find and improve the strengths and weaknesses of your PPC campaigns, which are currently live, in line with your expectations.


  • We check of account, campaign, ad group, keywords, ad copies, and settings of your ad account.
  • We review your budget planning.
  • We’ll look for opportunities with new keyword research.
  • We update keyword match types.
  • We make new adjustments to improve your quality score.
  • We add negative words.
  • We create new ad copy versions.
  • Landing pages check.
  • Conversion tracking check.

PPC Audits

This work is more suitable for businesses that aim to stand out from the competition in their PPC campaigns and want to scale regularly. We make a depth analysis of your ad accounts. And our digital marketer team applies the most efficient investment return opportunities in your PPC accounts and aims to increase your conversion rates regularly.

In order to increase your market share and your return on advertising spend (ROAS), we only make PPC optimizations with proven results.

  • More accurate results in keyword performance and quality score with custom broad matching.
  • No more fake clicks from competitors or bots. You can get information about our Click-fraud solutions.
  • More detailed audience targeting in Google Display Network and Youtube Ads.
  • Objective-based audience segmentation.
  • Increase productivity by allocating remarketing audiences according to your campaign goals.
  • We set criteria to highlight quick wins and on all account structure.
  • We highlight key strengths on ad extensions and ad copies.
  • Smart campaigns and smart bidding strategies powered by Google artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Regular reports and Live dashboards.

We care about your PPC ads and know that even if your budget remains the same, you can get more results. Or if you looking for online growth opportunities we can start planning together. If you are interested in what we have explained above, you can contact our expert immediately.

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