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Social Media Management

You can reach more potential customers through our social media management services. And we can make social media management services work for a business in any industry. You’ll find all the help you need to build and engage your target audience and address your potential customers they come up while making sure that what people are seeing is both appropriate and helpful. We’re here to offer social-savvy strategies and sharp insight into what can happen when you invest in our expertise.


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    Reach The Right People At The Right Time

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    Targeted Social Media Campaigns

    We know your target audience and we make sure they get to know you too. We build your custom audience and engage them with effective high-quality graphics and content to boost top-of-mind awareness.


    Reach More People Faster

    Each Social Media campaign comes with built-in advertising that allows you to reach more people faster. Get seen by thousands of people and instantly drive more traffic for your business.


    Hands-Off Solution

    Social Media package provides you with an all-in-one solution for social media. We’ll take care of everything related to Social Media including addressing your customers online, escalating reviews and messages to you, and creating all relevant content on a monthly basis.

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    We started working with them for my menswear store and e-commerce in November 2017 and continue. We are getting services from them for all of our digital marketing works. The team is very helpful, and they create a strong growth strategy for us. We reached more than 200K followers on our 10&AY menswear Instagram account together with them. And our sales are increasing day by day. So many thanks to the Decocre team.

    Onur Altınarık

    CEO & Founder, 10&AY

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

    What Social Media Channels do you cover?

    We are defining your needs together with you on our strategy meeting and then start to work. We can manage your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We monitor all four social media platforms for engagements and analysis. We report regularly to you about performance and activity.

    Will Social Media work for my business?

    Of course yes. Social Media works best with customer-facing businesses with a high base of customers such as professional services, restaurants, stores and other businesses. It also works for B2B primarily as a way to legitimize the business and reach new customers.

    Why do I need Social Media?

    Your customers are looking for you on Facebook and other social media channels. Businesses that are not found in these channels are trusted less. At the very least you need a social media presence in order to increase your authority within your location and be seen as an expert in your niche.

    Why not just handle it myself?

    Yes you can, but here is experience. You can save time and build your social media presence easily with using our strategies. We also have years of expertise working with social media and delivering on business goals of our clients. We’ll take care of your overall social media so you don’t have to worry about it.

    Who provides the budget for the ads?

    You do either as part of the bill or by us creating you an ad account within Facebook that we can use. We normally recommend an additional 20% on top of the actual package fee as the budget for the ad campaign.

    How is the content different from other providers?

    Each post we create for your business consists of original images and copy created specifically based on your business’ brand and personality.

    Let's Work Together!

    Digital marketing is a long-term communication adventure and we are with you in this adventure.

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