ROI Focused
Digital Marketing Agency

Do you need a solution partner for PPC & SEO or Paid Social Media?
We are only interested in strong and long term results.

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Google ads agency

ROI Focused
Digital Marketing Agency

Do you need a solution partner for PPC & SEO or Paid Social Media?
We are only interested in strong and long term results.

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Fast Look to Decocre and Our Approach

We provide design, software and digital marketing services since 2015. In 7 years, we have completed more than 250 projects of more than 100 happy clients with passion and discipline. We have gathered solutions that will be most effective for your business with our understanding of providing 360-degree services.

We are on the same team as you.

  • This is a win-win game.
  • We’re a result-oriented agency
  • Long-term solution partnership
  • Data-driven target audiences
  • We earn your business every month
  • Innovative

Your Certified and Accredited Solution Partner.

In our business establishing right strategy starts with a good analysis and planning ability. We use the experience we acquired over the years in our studies. We are aware of our responsibility when managing your Advertising budget and only strive to get the best results.

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Happy Clients

Before I met you, I didn’t realize there was a huge lack of online advertising for our restaurant business. What is our missing from competitors in our restaurant, which I have owned for more than 5 years, what is that we go back as turnover every year? I was trying to determine that. I started to think about the shortcomings in the business before. I was thinking if our food was bad, our cocktails were bad, or if our service or menu was bad.

Until I met the Decocre team. They amazing hard worker PPC agency and they taught us that the 5-year shortfall of our business is just to advertise at online in the right way and that people now take online advertising too seriously. I wasn’t very aware of what was going to happen at the beginning. Honestly, I didn’t expect results to be so fast in the first few weeks. The only thing missing was that people don’t see us enough. Thanks to the brand awareness strategy that we have done together with Decocre digital marketing team, In just three months, we started to reach our goals at a very high speed. Like a running racer…

Let me briefly tell you about the last 3 months, the New Year’s Day booking record, the Valentine’s day booking record, the ever-increasing number of happy customers, and the happy faces of everyone who works in our business, including me.

Özcan Şahin

Owner, Plus Restaurant

We started working with them for my menswear store and e-commerce in November 2017 and continue. We are getting services from them for all of our digital marketing works. The team is very helpful, and they create a strong growth strategy for us. We reached more than 200K followers on our 10&AY menswear Instagram account together with them. And our sales are increasing day by day. So many thanks to the Decocre team.

Onur Altınarık

CEO & Founder, 10&AY

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