We Spoke at the University Entrepreneurship Seminar

Written By Melda Karacelik

We Spoke at “The Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University ” Entrepreneurship Seminar. We would like to thank the university very much for this event, which started from the first day of our own entrepreneurship adventure. We talked about what happened to us and the principles we used in our business. We wish all our student friends who attended our event success in their educational lives.

Like every new entrepreneur, we have taken an approach in line with our own principles and disciplines. Of course, we were excited, and we gave all our concentration and dedication to our business.

We can collect our entrepreneurial adventure in three main areas.

  1. Motivation
  2. Plan
  3. Executive


At the beginning of everything, we started to work with the happiness of doing what we love to do. We started out thinking about the shortcomings of the market and how we can increase the benefits of our services.


You can do anything with a good business plan. As long as you’re honest, put the numbers in front of your business. After determining our shareholders ‘ equity and what we can do, we set our important KPIs and business targets. Then we planned how to get to them.


It’s nice to make a plan, but when you start, things may not go the way you expect. These situations give you an opportunity to perform unexpectedly. Accurate communication, posture, unique customer service and problem-solving skills constitute Decocre’s “effective service” understanding.

Also we offering service for Google Ads PPC Management.

You can check to our Case Studies.

Melda Karacelik

Melda Karacelik

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