How to write more clickable ad copies on Google Ads?

Written By Melda Karaçelik
How to write more clickable ad copy on Google Ads

For a search ad campaign on digital marketing, regardless of ad targeting or campaign goal, consumers only see our ad text first. So how can we write ad texts with a higher click rate? In this article, we will look for an answer to this question.

A natural ad text for Google Ads search ads consists of a Title, a description and a link. Each text component has its own character limit, and within this limit, we need to show our creativity. Let’s talk about different strategies for these three components.

Ad Titles, Hooks of interest.

Ad headlines are the most important element for users searching on search engines like Google to decide to click on a search result. If the ad title is satisfactory for the user, the click will be almost inevitable. A good title has three parts.

  1. To be the most relevant result with the search term.
  2. To have a value that shows that he deserves the click most among the competitor ads.
  3. Call to Action. Simply tell your potential customers what they have to do.

It’s easy to show the first result in the ad text. Showing that your ad is relevant is about include keywords in the ad title. It’s that simple. When you create your own ad groups for different keywords and use these keywords to write your ad headlines, you will have successfully completed the first step of writing a good ad title.

Let me share a pro tip for you for the second part. Examine the ad headlines used by competitors in the marketplace (on your search result page on your keyword) and think about what the expectations and desires of users searching for that keyword.

So you can easily determine what they want and what value you have to offer them. In some sectors, it works well to show the years of experience, in some sectors you can stand out with a feature that is not in the competition. Understanding the customer’s expectation is important here.

Be clear on the third and last part. What do you want your potential customer to do after clicking on your ad. Call to action is very important for ad headlines.

Although the CTAs that give the best results for each sector and business are different, to give a few examples, you can find the most used ones below.

  • Learn More
  • Call Now
  • Book Now
  • Buy Now
  • Download Now
  • Contact Us
  • Get in Touch

Ad Descriptions, persuasive and informative.

Ad descriptions are ideal for providing more information about your product or service, offering unique selling points and enticing users to click.

While writing your ad descriptions, you give additional information to users about why they should choose you for the product or service they see in the title and try to convince them to click on your ad.

You can prefer to highlight an emotion at the top of the advertisement description before start providing additional information about your products or services.

For example, “You can make a reservation at our hotel for a happy weekend.” You can say it and then move on to marketing words. This way, people can establish an emotional connection with your ad and examine the additional information and opportunities you offer more carefully.

Link Display Paths, increasing relevance with page display URL

Although it looks like a small space when writing ad text, it works quite well. Our performance expectation from Link Display Paths is to show the user that only our page URL will go to a specially prepared website page of a related result. It is a simple but important factor in increasing the click-through rate.

Apart from that, we have ad extensions to expanded text ads also used on Google Ads search network, but this will be the subject of another article.

Well, so far we have examined the parts that make up the ad text and their purposes. Now, let’s examine in more detail for a successful ad copy.

Highlight what makes you unique

Fast services, proven results, same-day answer, free shipping. What is the feature that makes you valuable to be preferred? Focus on it and promote for benefit.

Include numbers like prices, promotions, and exclusives

Potential customers like to see numbers, who doesn’t. Using numbers in ad text triggers decision making in most cases. An example might be pricing or an offer valid for a limited time.

Create ad text with different strategies

Every customer persona is different from each other. And these people would like to have different advertising messages that will prompt them as they decide to buy a product or service. In this case, ad texts belonging to different strategies should be created for the same keyword.

In doing so, the aim is not only to conduct A / B tests but to attract attention with different texts, for people who are different thinking styles and different ages for that products and services we offer.

For example;

  • Promotion only
  • Message-oriented and simple
  • Focusing on speed
  • Highlighting value
  • That puts the experience forward
  • Special offer for a limited time
  • Focusing on price or discount
  • Focusing on a feeling
  • Offering a privilege
  • Highlighting customer satisfaction
  • Simply promising to solve a problem
  • Offering competitive propositions
  • Focused on the characteristics of buyer personas
  • Highlighting the call to action

Grammar on ad copies

Google AdWords search ad texts are often for the first contact with the cold audience and you do not want to confront your potential customers with grammatical errors at first sight. That’s why you should pay special attention to the spelling rules.

You can use the Grammarly tool to do this easily. Grammarly installs as a plugin in your browser and provides alerts for detecting grammatical errors in your texts and correcting them. So you can write completely correct grammatically ad texts.

What should we do or not do when writing ad text?

  1. Don’t try to fit your entire strategy into an ad copy.
  2. Focus on one strategy, one message, and one call to action per ad copy.
  3. Share the pleasant side of your solution, not the sad part of the problem.
  4. Focus on analysis based on numbers and results. Not your predictions.
  5. Keep the balance between the value you offer and your ad proposition.
  6. What you say in the ad text is related to the reputation of your brand. Make sure you can do them.
  7. Avoid statements that customers may not understand on first reading.
  8. Don’t make the ad text as keyword garbage.
  9. Provide additional information or promotions once you are sure you are talking about exactly what you are offering.
  10. Use different writing language for different target audiences.


Ad text is one of the factors that directly affect the click-through rate and therefore ad performance. It won’t be difficult to increase conversions with a relevant ad text and landing page.

If you want to get professional support for your paid search advertising campaigns. You can contact us immediately.

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