How to choose a PPC agency? Expectations, demands, process and results.

Written By Melda Karaçelik
how to choose Google Ads agency

When you start working with a digital marketing agency, you buy a service, and the agency’s online advertising experience also comes. If these experiences match your business and expectations from the PPC agency, a long-term working environment is created. In this article, we will talk about choosing the appropriate agency for PPC management.

We think there should be a few criteria in this regard and we will look through a client’s eye. If we were to choose a PPC management agency, we would like to mention what we would pay attention to.

1- Does the agency have Google Ads (AdWords) certificates and the Google Partners badge?

In PPC campaigns, we determine a budget with the customer, and the agency aims to create and manage the most productive campaigns with this budget. However, competence in this regard is very important. Making sure that the agency has the Google Partner badge and Google Ads certificates is an important step to choose to work with that agency.

Pro Tip: for example if your business is lead generation based and the agency you are interested in has Google Search Network expertise. This means that the agency has previously performed well in paid search campaigns and can also create a good marketing strategy for your search campaigns.

2- Case studies: past studies are a good example.

Examine the files of different businesses from the agency’s case studies. Read what strategic solutions they found for such challenges. Compare the results. The different approaches you will see in the sample cases give you a detailed insight into the solutions of the agency you are interested in.

In case studies, review the start times with the relevant customers. So you can consider evaluating this agency for long-term results.

3- Transparency:

A good agency should show a transparent approach to all matters during its employment with you.

  • You should be able to access your own Google Ads panel without any intermediate software.
  • You should be informed about the goals that you can achieve in line with your budget.
  • The studies and strategies for the management of your campaigns should be open to you.

4- Communication:

You should be able to access your account manager regularly. It is very important for your communication campaigns to be efficient. As a result, we manage marketing for you. When you get involved in the game about your own business, the success also increases. This is necessary for asking questions about your campaigns, recommending arrangements or new ideas.

Having an energetic communication language and the same goals directly affect the campaign’s success.

As a PPC agency, our most important motivation is to see that you have achieved your goals. And we work for it.

5- Reporting:

Although it seems boring to examine a report before the results, it is very valuable to do data mining after starting to get results. At the agency of your choice, your campaign manager should regularly provide you with reports on valuable metrics for you.

Automated reporting tools and dashboards are important to better understand the results. We develop reports with Google Data Studio and auxiliary tools.

For example:

  • Daily: Keyword click report
  • Weekly: Search terms report & Most clicked ads
  • Monthly: Conversion and Ad Spending Report
  • Seasonality: Trend change reports
  • General: Association reports

6- Expectations: Return on investment and long term strategies.

You should meet with the online advertising agency about the project objectives at the outset and the strategies developed to achieve these objectives. In these meetings, what results you can expect to achieve in line with your project and budget and what strategies will be implemented must be clearly determined. So our expectations are always on the right plan and we can think long-term.

As long as the return on investment is positive in PPC advertising, every campaign can be easily measured. And this is important for your business to grow and win more customers.

7- Regular optimizations: Test, Test, Test.

Optimizations for a digital marketing campaign never ends. As user habits change and changes are observed in reports, new optimizations are required. Advertising broadcast planning, timing, location and localization are very important elements.

In addition, advertisement texts and visuals should be optimized regularly and new ones should be tested. It is aimed to increase the transformations with different landing pages.

With A / B tests, you can see how you can make your campaigns that work well more efficiently, or how to provide more ROIs by changing the colour of a button.

8- Pricing:

There are different models for each agency regarding pricing. As Decocre Digital, we work with 2 different pricing. Flat fee or Percentage on ad spend. Our pricing policy varies according to our customers’ projects, campaign variety and working hours.

You pay your advertising costs directly to Google, Facebook, Linkedin etc. services. We only charge you monthly PPC management service fee.

We keep our prices fair and focus on customer performance. It is important for us to earn your business every month.

9- Contracts:

The content of the contracts should be easy to understand and set terms and conditions. The institutional relationship between the customer and the agency is regulated by the contract. Contract duration, renewal or withdrawal rights and amounts to be paid should be clearly stated.

The confidentiality agreement (Mutual NDA) is an important part of our work. All confidential information, documents and strategies between the customer and the agency are protected by this contract.


Understanding the agency’s experience and starting good communication is the key to choosing the PPC agency. The purpose of a good agency is to give you results and succeed with successful advertising campaigns and strategies. When choosing the right agency for you, feel free to ask questions.

If you are just starting out for digital marketing or are thinking about changing your agency, it would be good to give your new potential marketing agency, a detailed meeting to explain your business and expectations.

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