Google Shopping Ads Agency | 10 Tips for How to Start to Work with Google Shopping Ads

Written By Melda Karaçelik

Today, we will speak about shopping ads, how can help your Google shopping agency New York and the benefits to your e-commerce website. You can scale up very easily your online store with a clear strategy. Decocre is a certified Google Partner agency and we can give to you full support about e-commerce paid search ads. Also, when you choose your potential customer persona, you can continue to plan to relevant websites ad placement for them. Now we will start from scratch and we will complete full of shopping ads plan.

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What is Google Shopping?

If you have an e-commerce website, Google Shopping Ads is an important part of your digital marketing plan. Because in normal search ads you can write only some titles and descriptions to your ads and this is not enough for good engagement with your audience. But in shopping ads (Google Ads for ecommerce), we can show our product image, title, price and seller name in the ad area. And it will be more interesting for potential customers

For example;

One person starts to write google search for “white sports shoes” then click enter and can see some ads in search results first interest will be shopping ads because they have an image and price, but classic search ads can have only some texts.

  1. Now we understand what is Google Shopping Ads. Next station how can we start to upload our product lists.

First Steps in Google Merchant Centre:

This place is you can upload and manage all of your product feed ads their situation on Google search engine. You can see the warning alerts or errors. Let’s complete to below steps;

  1. Go to Google Merchant Center and create your account.
  2. Verify your website.
  3. Link with your Google Ads account.
  4. Upload your product feed.

And you are ready to start product listing ads now.

What to look out for when creating our first google shopping campaign

  1. No keywords use. So, you must be the focus on your product titles in the shopping feed.
  2. Clear and optimize product images. If possible you must use a white background to all product images for best practice.
  3. Create strong Negative Keyword Lists and add them to your campaign.
  4. The products must be grouped separately according to their categories. These categories may be currently available categories on your site, as well as different categories such as best sellers or discounts.
  5. Focus your main target audience. Don’t look full of the environment just focus and create a good funnel for sale.
  6. Straight away, do demographic segmentation. You can separate to your target audience for their ages, interests and more. With this separation, you can find easily which group is more profitable for you and which group is time wasting.
  7. Careful about locations and ad schedule. Don’t forget, Good timing can be allocated more profit every time.
  8. Must be done professional bid management.
  9. Track results with Google Ads Conversion Tracking.
  10. Use Google AdWords Remarketing. You can target easily who visit your any product before. And then show that product again, basicly like that but remarketing need strategy. Create banners for remarketing ads campaigns, for example, abandoned carts or product page viewers.

What can you do more with product listing ads?

When you started, upload product feed and launch good campaigns, good ad placement. But for scale-up, you need to do more. Every week you must look Conversion Rate of your products. Calculate costs and return on ad spends (ROAS). With this way, you can track your main KPI’s and can improve them.

First click, into your ads many times not enough for sales. In your sales funnel you must create detailed remarketing campaigns. These lists can include maybe abandoned carts, products page viewers and etc.

Ad placement is another most important in this business. More careful and track your ad placements on mobile apps, if some apps do not include your main target audience, stop this placement on your campaign.

How Does Google Shopping Ads contribute to Brand Awareness?

Your shopping ads can be placed everywhere for your potential customers who interest them. Typically, cost-per-click is lower than search network ads and attract more people’s attention. By showing ads to millions of people who are looking for your products on Google, you can get to know your brand for them and increase the loyalty of people to your brand with remarketing ads.

Opportunities for New York City

New York has a lot of opportunities, although the competition is very high.

Online retail had a 14.3% share of total retail sales in 2018, up from 12.9% in 2017 and 11.6% in 2016. In this respect, the US is the third most advanced e-commerce market worldwide, with the UK and Germany in first and second place.

Source: salecycle

What are Benefits of Decocre’s Google Shopping Ads Management Services

We are a Google shopping agency US based. We doing professional Pay-Per-Click Management. Let’s see what our approach to start shopping ads.

Before you start advertising, we make sure that your product feed is properly and error-free and is listed on Google. We make the necessary connections between your accounts. With Google Analytics, we determine sales targets and funnel and manage your campaigns by periodically following in our cases.

Our professional Google PPC management experts are building campaign strategies for your brand, whether it’s starting or advanced. We’re following our important KPIs together. With our detailed google ads remarketing strategies, we ensure that visitors who have already visited your site will be resold again and again. And we doing conversion rate optimization.

We follow your competitors and add actions accordingly to our advertising strategy. According to the situation of competing websites, we are setting our own road map.

We share regular reports daily, weekly and monthly.

Finally, we have a Win-Win strategy and Our most important KPI is your Return on Investment (ROI).

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