How to optimise your campaigns to COVID-19 digital marketing?

Written By Erdi Bus
Covid-19 digital marketing
When continuous to COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic all of the world. Please make the sure stay and work from home if you can and be careful yourself when continuing the coronavirus outbreak. Today we will look together how to optimise our online marketing campaigns to this situation.

1- Messages and Call to Action’s

Make sure that your advertising messages are compatible with the new situation. Covid-19 has changed a lot in our life during the pandemic period and continues to change. In this context, you should be very careful when choosing the messages you will give to your potential customers. For example, you can use our online store instead of visiting the store, or use an online meeting instead of arranging a meeting in our office, and if you are a primary school, you can use “online education” CTA’s to show your customers that they can access your products and services without leaving home.

2- Don’t Sale, Educate.

It is the perfect time to show the value your brand offers by paying attention to informative and educational content instead of selling it directly to customers. In social media, you can direct your target audience with informative and beneficial content instead of standard sales advertisements and secure your place in the market. This is a long term strategy and is a direct way to increase the trust in your brand.

3- Negative Keywords

Add new negative keywords on your paid search campaigns. There have been new search terms and words that have come into our lives since the COVID-19 situation. For example; Be sure to update your synonyms for keywords that include “antivirus”, “virus”, “safe”. At this point, we need to make sure that we add new negative words to our live Google search campaigns and do not receive irrelevant traffic.

4- Start Content Marketing

The best time to recreate your digital strategy with a perspective focused on creating value. Show your potential customers how much you value them. You can stand out with content such as informative content about your services or products, answers to frequently asked questions, and content such as an important infographic. In addition, besides your products and services, you can talk about your corporate culture and innovative approaches of your company. If your brand has a social responsibility or aid project involving this process, you can announce it to your target audience.

5- Marketing Budgets

Revise the budget of all your marketing campaigns, you can consider options such as reducing the budget up to 4 to 1 or even pausing some campaigns completely. Apart from this, you can regularly follow the current search trends in Google Trends on a country basis and regularly review new opportunities that may be related to your business and work on new campaigns. For example;

  • We have seen dramatic increases/decreases in the search volumes of some keywords in this process.
  • In our conversion funnel, we can pause the advertising campaigns of the upper layers for products and services that people do not really need.
  • In remarketing ads, it may be considered to rise the budget. (If you only offer a related product or service.)
  • We observed the increase in the keyword “online education” on Google Trends and launched a new advertising campaign for our primary school customer with a message focused on online education and entered this new market with a high conversion rate.

Note: You can be inspired by Thinkwithgoogle.com and learn about successful advertising campaigns.

6- Timing at Covid-19 digital marketing

In line with the change in user behaviour, it is very important to determine when you will be showing ads. A large number of people are at home and in this new situation, we cannot expect to be successful by running 9-5 ads. We must test 24 hours to accurately determine the interaction times, and we can find our new best timing by evaluating the transformations we have received on an hourly basis.


This period also affected and continues to affect us in digital marketing campaigns. You should make sure that you update your campaigns according to the new situation. We must consider ways to continue our business online and focus on value. And we have to take actions accordingly. You can check our PPC Agency services with this link.

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