Google Ads Learning Phase:  Everything You Need to Know

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When a new campaign is launched, the ad groups within that campaign enter the Google Ads learning phase, which is unique to each ad set. Many aspects of an ad set are still unknown to the delivery system during the learning phase. At this stage, learning entails experimenting with a new method of delivering your advertising set, so performance is less stable and cost-per-action (CPA) is usually higher.

When And Where Does the Learning Period Occur on the Google Ads? Due to the recent change in eligibility, Google needs time to get to know and develop your bidding strategy during the Google Ads learning phase. It means that your campaign can display ads while it is active, and you can track its performance. When you change your bidding strategy, the system recognizes this as a learning state and is in charge of gathering performance data in order to optimally refine your bids. You will initiate a learning period for an automated, smart bidding strategy on Google. Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversions, and Enhanced CPC is some of the bid strategies available (eCPC). The learning period will be visible in the campaign level status column.

What Types of Changes Can Trigger the Learning Period? The algorithmic learning period is the time it takes for an ad platform to “relearn” and gather performance data after making a significant change to a campaign, in order to either optimize your bids or re-determine who should see your ads. Your campaign’s performance is likely to fluctuate during this time. Further campaign changes may disrupt or reset the Google ad learning period, broadening the period of performance fluctuation; this should be avoided. Anything that alters the intended outcome or significantly alters the structure of the assignment—this includes: ·      Putting in place a new smart bidding strategy ·      Change the bid strategy’s settings. ·      A 20 percent or greater budget change ·      An alteration to the conversion setup or conversion tracking setup ·      Significant structural change

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