5 Things To Do When Getting Started With Google Ads

Written By Melda Karaçelik

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that can be used to reach potential customers and promote your business. But, it’s not always easy to figure out how to get started with Google Ads. This blog post will walk you through what you need to do when getting started with Google Ads in order to make the most of this advertising opportunity for your small business or company.
These are the key of successful Google Ads campaign management.

Google Ads PPC Agency London getting started with google ads

1- Set your target. And build your campaign clearly according to your target.

Determine exactly what you’re advertising to get in return. To increase your brand awareness, to increase your site traffic, or to accurately determine your goal through live support from users coming to your site, to perform a purchase, or to fill out forms, it is very important to do Google AdWords advertising.

2- The right strategy leads to success. Make sure you set the conversion funnel correctly.

Publishing your ads in one area is not always the most successful strategy. You must be as close to your potential customers as possible and show that you are there. When advertising with Google AdWords, rather than spending your budget with AdWords Search Network ads, I say “High Yield Model” can be edited as follows.

  • Keywords that have been added correctly with the types of matching that you think will bring only the most customers using 65% of the daily budget and have been left out of excess with negative keywords.

You can add unlimited keywords but things don’t work like that in practice. With the right selection of 5 to 20 keywords, you can create a great ad group and increase your ad efficiency.

  • With 20% of your Display Network daily budget, you can make a great contribution to your KPI by creating a well-targeted GDN campaign. Sites, products or services, such as yours, that have previously called or are likely to be interested in areas of display advertising (such as: youtube.com you know, onedio.com) you can deliver good results and move your campaign more than text ads.
  • Remarketing ads can really do wonders with 15% of the daily budget. Now this part is very important Note! Your remarketing list may not occur until your ads have been shown enough if you’re advertising for the first time. But you will not be able to believe how the conversions increase when this list occurs. With remarketing ads, your ads are shown again to people who have seen your search network or display ads before. Then it is shown again and so goes. For example, a user who saw your ads on the search network and couldn’t make a complete decision about your ad within the day youtube.com you can also see more areas of your choice on the news sites and related to your business. Seeing your ads often leads the user to decide, while significantly consolidating your brand awareness.

If you want to know about this “high yield model”, you can always write to us through live support.

3- Tracking and Analysis: use of Google Analytics

Install and activate Google Analytics on your site now. Seeing your traffic and user behavior is the most decisive way to accurately measure results and decide for possible optimizations. Where does your site get the most traffic? How do people visit your site? What are the age ranges of these people? What are people interested in visiting your site more? How long does it take for people to stay on your site? etc. the answers to questions that are key to optimizing your campaigns, such as Google Analytics, are reserved for accurate Google Analytics analysis.

Remember! When advertising with Google Adwords, real values and data are always prejudices and “I think so.” must be in front of the association.

4- Follow The Transformations. If possible, start using GTM (Google Tag Manager) immediately.

Conversion, sometimes a phone call, sometimes a form filling process, sometimes successful completion of the purchase through your site. With the Google conversions tool, you can measure your conversions and even give them a value and see exactly how much you earn. Remember! You can measure your Google AdWords ad costs by accurately measuring your conversions.

By adding Google Tag Manager to your site, you can place the conversion label you want without drowning with complex code.

5- Optimize. Optimize over and over again.

When getting started with Google Ads, be careful about follow your advertising costs. Keep an eye on your visitors ‘ behavior with analytics and the results you get with conversions. Optimize your campaign day by day only based on this data, without adding your feelings and prejudices to it. In the meantime, what happens to your Ads Results 3 days or less like a week do not decide. Keeping your ads on the air for at least 30 days will give you more useful analysis.

Bonus: there is no magic back door! Just do it and check it regularly.

Started with Google Ads you must be know, this is an environment where we aim to create campaigns from the panel and get the right results with the right ads. And no one has a magic wand. Your ad is published and the results are totally related to the interest your potential customers will show to your site first. A properly designed campaign and a well-prepared ad is a whole, and in the right hands it leads you to success.

We tried to tell getting started with Google Ads.

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